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The YES desk is part of a collection called « YES ».

The desk is 2 meters in length and 1 meter in width, with a height of 0.75 meters. Each item is unique, numbered, signed and dated.



The base consists of a core grid made out of solid brass. The grid has been carved from a solid metal block in order to achieve its final form using a waterjet cutting process (an industrial technique well suited to create random shapes).Once the carving is done, this brass base is mirror-polished on the edges and matified on its surfaces. This step is indispensable in order to obtain the required effect before application of the gold bath.The engraving of personal symbols is also executed before application of the gold coating. The foot is coated with different colours of gold, always 24 carats.The colours are : yellow, white, pink or black gold. The gold bath is carried out through electrolysis, each leg is coated with a layer varying between 0.5 and 1 mm, corresponding to a weight ranging from 100 grams to 1 kilogram per leg. My personal hallmark is then stamped.



The heart of the desktop is made out of yellow poplar, a wood that is perfectly suited to veneering. Over this heart a sawn precious wood veneer is glued (sawn veneering is exceptional these days because due to its thickness, between 1 and 2 mm, it gives a solid wood appearance.) Only one workshop in Europe does sawn veneer).The precious woods we offer are : Macassar ebony, Rio
rosewood, Ziricotte, Snakewood and rosewood. This 5.5 mm thick desktop contains a drawer. Each desktop has a hidden compartment.The next step is lacquering with a silky varnish, a task that requires great skill, in order to ensure lasting solidity over the centuries. The last step is the sheathing of the desk blotter with different qualities of coating. To match the colour of the desk, we offer crocodile, snakeskin and shagreen. The desk displayed in Abu Dhabi is in Ziricotte and shagreen. On the right hand side of the desk is the diamond marquetry case.The cabinetmakers are of course among France’s elite craftsmen.



The diamond case is the keystone of the desk. The design of the precious stone inlay represents a family symbol. We offer the fingerprint of the owner, of his wife or children, a family seal or a   signature. Different sizes are available : 12 X 8 cm or 21 X 12 cm or 21 X 27 cm. The mounting of the case is in solid gold, matching the choice of desk colour. The precious stones are set « invisibly » in “DEF” or “ George “ size, each diamond is authenticated and certified. The case is sealed into the desk by marquetry and is removable. We offer different choices of precious stones, according to the client's wishes. The quality and size are always top class. The suppliers of these gems are the most reputed companies in the world. In Istanbul, the suppliers of the BULGARI group. We offer different colour cases matching the colours of the gems.

- Pure white for the diamonds 

- Red for the rubys, green for the emeralds

⁃ Blue for the sapphires.

The desk displayed on the photo sports a solid white gold case weighing 500 grams into which are set « invisibly » 953 white diamonds of 0.03 carats. This piece represents the fingerprint of the artist.

Technical specifications

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